Non-profit Stichting JEMODA, gericht op kansarme en straatkinderen te Senegal. JEMODA geeft scholing en bied onderdak aan de meest kansarme kinderen.

A bright future for children

Khadi en Mohammed Aidara

Khadi and Mohammed Aidara come from a family with five children.
Moustapha, the father and the mother Binta are unemployed, that's why they are forced to live with their children between 3 months and 5, 7, 8 and 10 years in a borrowed "house".
A house consists of two bedrooms, one for children and one for parents.
There is no running water, the nearest public well is 500 meters away.
Moustapha, the father, who comes from a poor family, learned the Koran by a marabout, that’s what traditionally poor families do, because they can not afford the cost of regular schooling.
Binta also comes from a poor family, she also has never been at school.
The whole house with five children survives with what the father earns by praying for people who are sick.
The family survives on an average monthly income of less than € 70.
Khadi was born December 25, 2010, it is a cheerful girl, always a little uncertain, perhaps because she does not play in the street, but by her parents.
She would like to play with a doll but she has no one, she can only play with things found in the street by her older brother.
Khadi also helps her mother, it's a real princess in the kitchen !
Mohammed was born October 18, 2005 is a real boy, happy, naughty but not brawler !
He regularly comes to JEMODA to play with other children his favorite game Stratego or he wants to play a game on the Playstation.
These 2 kids already speak a little French, despite their parents speak only their native language Wolof.
Both children have a desire, they want to go to school, which is now made possible !! 

 The education of these children is made possible by:

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