Non-profit Stichting JEMODA, gericht op kansarme en straatkinderen te Senegal. JEMODA geeft scholing en bied onderdak aan de meest kansarme kinderen.

A bright future for children

Underprivileged children often have only one wish, 
they want to go to school and that is made possible by ;
 Les Résidences du Soleil.

Since 2015, Résidences Du Soleil requested education for children!!
After your holiday, Les Résidences du Soleil will provide you with a survey form regarding your enjoyed holiday.
After completing and handing in Les Résidences du Soleil, the JEMODA Foundation will receive € 10.-

These donations are used to educate additional children who do not get the chance to do so!
Stichting JEMODA, and many children thank you very much for completing the holiday survey!

Khadi en Mohammed Aidara

Khadi and Mohammed Aidara come from a family of 6 children. Father Moustapha and mother Binta are unemployed, due to these circumstances they are forced to live with their children aged 3 months and 5, 7, 8 and 10 years old in a borrowed house. A house consisting of two rooms, one for the children and one for the parents. They do not have tap water and no well, the nearest public well is 500 meters from them. Moustapha , who himself comes from a poor family, has only learned the Quran from a Marabout, which is traditional among poor families because they cannot afford the costs of normal schooling. Binta also comes from an underprivileged family, she too has never been able to enjoy schooling. The entire household with 6 children has to be supported with what the father brings back from a literal search for money, which he usually gets for a prayer from the Quran with people who are sick. With an average monthly income of less than 70 euros, the family has to make ends meet. Khadi born on Dec 25, 2010 is a happy girl, but a bit insecure, which is probably because her parents don't allow her to go “on the street”. Mohammed, born on October 18, 2005, is a real boy, cheerfully naughty but not a fighter! He regularly visits the JEMODA foundation to play with the other children, his favorite game is Stratego or if possible he would like to play a game on the Playstation that is present there. What makes the children special is that they can already speak a good word of French, because their parents only speak their native language Wollof .

Aminata Bâ

Aminata Ba
Born in 2011 and she lives with her grandmother, because her mother passed away, the father does not want to take care of her and has disappeared.
Grandma does her very best to give Aminata a good upbringing.
She has her own house with 4 rooms, to survive, grandma rents out 3 rooms, she keeps the smallest room for herself with the children who were left behind.
Aminata has 1 sister who is 15 years old and she goes to secondary school.
Still, the rental income that Grandma receives is not enough to pay for Aminata 's education.
The help of JEMODA and Résidences Du Soleil is more than welcome!

Mohammed Bâ

Mohammed born in 2013, a small smart boy who came into contact with JEMODA through his older brother who regularly comes to play with the street children at the JEMODA house.
When playing with the children in a family circle, JEMODA found out that Mohammed is a smart and well-thinking boy.
In 2021, JEMODA was notified that Mohammed's father had a serious accident at work.
Unfortunately, his father has become disabled due to this accident and can no longer work.
Mother can earn just enough for the daily living, so JEMODA has decided to take over Mohammed's education costs.

Aliou Dione 

Aliou Diana born in 2010.
Aliou's father is unemployed and has to support his family with everything that comes his way, selling found metal, helping tourists on the market as a guide.
His mother sells vegetables and dried fish in front of their home for the local residents with a small stand.
The family is quite large, Aliou has 2 more brothers and 2 sisters, so the family has to make ends meet to get through every month.
Aliou is a smart boy who likes to look good, he always looks neat.
His favorite thing is football, after his homework he can always be found on the street playing football with his friends.
It is therefore his dream to become a professional football player… this is the dream of every Senegalese boy and if he continues to do his best at school he has the chance to be accepted at Ecole du football Diabars .

Papies Sambas

Papies was born in 2010, his parents are divorced and he lives with his grandparents.
He is a boy with an always cheerful smile, never afraid to do something.
Yet he has a lot of trouble with school, it is too boring for him and therefore prefers to work.
He has chosen to live with his grandfather who had a good career as a repairer in cooling machines.
Papies is only too happy to do what his grandfather did.
At the beginning of 2022, Papies came into contact with JEMODA, JEMODA stands for education and has therefore explained to Papies why education is important.
A good repairman must be able to read, write, calculate and thus also manage the English language, among other things.
From JEMODA Papies gets the really necessary lessons he needs for his future.
Which means for Papies , work and learn!

 The education of these children is made possible by:

Les Résidences du Soleil
Tel: 0033- (0)661536624

Résidence Du Soleil